• LeanneWood Leader in 2018
    LeanneWood Leader in 2018
  • First Minister  in 2021
    First Minister in 2021
  • Leanne is the most recognised and well-liked political leader in Wales.
  • Leanne is the most experienced party leader in the Senedd.
  • Leanne is a principled, experienced and determined leader who wants Plaid Cymru to aim high.

Leanne has set the party’s sights on leading the next government of Wales and attaining the first Plaid Cymru First Minister in 2021.
She is the best candidate to lead a dynamic grassroots campaign, as she did so successfully in the Rhondda, in order to gain the seats we need to take Wales forward.

Through years of hard work, Leanne and her dedicated team have ensured that she has consistently equaled or surpassed the leaders of the other parties in Wales in recognition and popularity. This is unprecedented in the history of Plaid Cymru and a huge asset for our party in the Senedd – especially while the other parties have to deal with the uncertainty new leadership brings.

Under Leanne Wood’s leadership Plaid Cymru has gained

  • more MPs
  • more councillors
  • more AMs
  • half of Wales’s Police Commissioners

“I know that the goals and expectations I have set will take hard work from many more activists. There are no short cuts to achieving our aims. My job as leader of the party and the national movement is to set out our path to winning in 2021 and beyond. In order to replace Labour as the dominant political force in Wales we will have to take seats currently held by them. To do that we must be prepared to be unequivocal when we say that no coalition with the Conservatives will be proposed or accepted. If we are to govern in 2021, it must be on the basis that we are preparing for a second term referendum on independence. The Plaid Cymru machinery must improve and be much more disciplined to win for our country the independence that will allow it to flourish. I am ready to take on that challenge – are you with me?”

Leanne Wood – Leader Plaid Cymru

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